The Chicken Project

4th August 2020


Chickens are an easy to keep backyard animal that can provide protein on a daily basis with minimal effort and very little cost. Taking advantage of the benefits of these animals can help increase food security in the community. 


  1. Foster backyard chicken ranching by providing training, education, mentor-ship, and supplies to anyone that wants to participate.
  2. Increase food security by creating a distribution network within the community for proving eggs to anyone that needs them.
  3. Create a revenue stream for families that wish to produce on a larger scale for income.


All of our ranching will be done using sustainable and cruelty free methods to create small family ranches to produce slightly more than the family can consume. By partnering with Heifer International, we have access to a marketplace for meat and eggs at scale, in addition to all the training and education materials they can provide. 


October 2020

Establish a small ranch for brooding chicks in Standing Rock.

April 2021

Begin our first set trails in the community with 5 to 10 families.

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