Our Members

We are a volunteer based organization with members from all walks of life. Some of our members include:

Andy Reid
Andy Reid is Colorado based attorney who volunteers to work with indigenous peoples around the world.
Everett Iron Eyes
Everett Iron Eyes has dedicated over 40 years of service to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as the Water Resources Director. He has been active in the legislative process for Tribal Water Rights for many years.

During the Dakota Access Pipeline actions, he was of those asked to lead the Oceti Sakowin encampment and did so until the Dec 4, 2016 Obama announcement that the pipeline was stopped.
Regina Randall
Dave Swallow, Jr.
Mr. Dave Swallow, Jr., is an Oglala Lakota Nation Spiritual Leader from Porcupine, SD, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Mr. Swallow represents the Oceti-Sakowin Treaty Council. He has lived most of his life on the Reservation serving citizens of the Oglala Lakota Nation who require his assistance, each Spring and Summer, when preparations are made by those dedicated Lakotas who still practice and adhere to all Lakota Spiritual and Traditional Laws (Hanblecheya Ceremony (Vision Quest or Wopila), SunDance, Sweat Lodge, Naming, Making of Relatives and other Sacred Ceremonies. He is popular among his People, especially by the Youth and those who require his help. He is a Respected Spiritual Leader and a strong advocate for his Oglala Nation. He is a true advocate for his People and he has remained true to his principles of Putting the Oyate First. He has demonstrated this by being a role model for the children, youth, women, elderly and other Lakota Nation citizens. He is one of few remaining Spiritual Leaders of the Oglala Lakota Nation. He works tirelessly on many personal and public issues related to the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties, Black Hills Issues, Indian Water Rights and the well-being of the Oceti-Sakowin Oyate/Great Sioux Nation. According to those who know him, they will attest to the fact that Mr. Dave Swallow, Jr., is an honored and respected leader among his People, the Oceti-Sakowin Oyate/Great Sioux Nation. He has called on all Treaty Councils to Unite and to begin working together as one. The Gathering in September will be an historic event that would not have been possible with Mr. Swallow courageous leadership.
Alley Z
Technology assistance and documentation support.