Volunteer Opportunities

We’re currently seeking dedicated volunteers to help us build our team. Contact us if feel you may be a good fit. Everything is flexible and negotiable. ­čÖé

  • Project Manager – You can work remotely, and there will be travel involved for meetings and working sessions, mostly North and South Dakota
    • Responsibilitites – * be sure all tasks are done on time
      * communication liaison for the team – you need to be *aware* of all the moving parts for a legal, strategy, and PR
      * you may need to help non-tech people with completing their tasks (it might come down to you basically typing it for them), so patience and attention to detail will be important.
  • Journalist/Writer – Needed in North or South Dakota to conduct interviews, record┬á & process them, and add them to the archive. Writing of articles, press releases, and web content. Strong social media presence preferred, but not required.
  • Law Professionals – we’re specifically seeking the advice in the areas of treaty law, indigenous rights, international law & the Geneva conventions. In addition, all minds are welcome to the discussion.

Please contact us at contact @ thetreatyproject.org